1. Imagine this: you’re on day three hair and it’s seriously lacking in body, you’re in serious need of some simple hair styling tips. What do you do? Grab your Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE. They’re a simple way to add extra body back into hair while injecting tons of shine (thanks velvet flocking). Our favorite part is that they’re hands-free too. Roll up your strands, then finish your coffee. Once they’re cool, unroll and rake your fingers through your hair for a faux blowout.

2. The secret to long-lasting, defined natural texture is finding the balance between moisturized and weighed down. We all want soft, smooth hair but adding too much product often effects your style. The extra product adds weight to your hair, pulling on your curls so they’re no where to be found by your 2PM presentation.

3. Your curls are perfect today but the scarf you just added to your outfit caused MAJOR static. Don’t worry, grab your hairbrush and a light hold hairspray and spray it directly into the bristles of your Smooth Paddle Brush. Run the brush through your hair and *poof*, static is gone. If you don’t want to brush your curls out, add the spray to your hands, then gently squeeze your waves or curls without damaging the shape.

4. You know that bend every cool girl has in her hair? We discovered an easy way to get it just right. Save the front sections of your hair to curl last, then while the hair is still warm, tuck each side behind your ears and leave them to cool. Now you’re the cool girl with the effortless bend everyone will want to copy.

5. Shirley Temple was cute, but you’re not trying to channel her signature look. Run the clamp-less side of your iron down a curl a few times to loosen it up. You can also use the Cura LUXE on the lowest heat setting to lightly heat your hair again and run your fingers through to break up the curls.

Now you’re ready to style with the help of these simple styling tips!