Michelangelo Arevaloe, T3Pro

“It would be best to use the lowest volume of heat on hair that is damaged or over processed. It’s important that you get a lot of the moisture out of your hair with a towel. Make sure when using a low heat setting that you are constantly moving the blow dryer around your head, distributing the heat evenly, don’t focus on one part of the head for too long. If you’re going for an unpolished look you can run the Volume 2.5 through the sectioned off pieces of your hair.”

Jill Buck, T3Pro

“The Cura Luxe Dryer makes it easy to get through any hair type with the appropriate amount of heat. It’s important to maintain the health of your hair even when you want a quick blow dry! I prefer to use heat level 2 verses 3 on my fine hair clients. The hair is less dense and more brittle, so a gentle blow dry is key.”

Miguel Lledo, T3Pro

“Normal to thick hair type can handle higher temperature than fine or bleached hair, they can also style quicker when using higher temperatures so the medium to medium high temperature settings work best.”

Christopher Farmer, T3Pro

“The level 5 heat option is perfect and almost necessary for my girls with super thick or really coarse hair. These textures of hair can be more difficult dry because they tend to hold lots of moisture in. Having a higher heat option will help with a faster drying time and will help eliminate frizz.”