Step 1

Start by removing excess moisture. I would suggest using a micro fiber towel to gently squeeze out extra water. A regular bath towel is too rough and will end up creating frizz.

Step 2

I recommend using the SoftCurl diffuser attachment (comes in white and black!) for your Cura or Cura LUXE dryer to diffuse your hair. Select the highest heat setting and the lowest speed setting, then hold the dryer horizontally with the barrel of the dryer facing your head.

Begin drying your hair with the diffuser on, but don’t have the diffuser touch your hair or your curls. Cupping your hair with the diffuser too soon will actually cause more frizzing. Holding the diffuser near and around your hair will mimic air drying and reduce frizz.

Step 3

Once your hair is 70-80% dry, start leaning your head over and cupping it with the diffuser. This will add volume and shape to your curls or waves.

Step 4

Once your hair is completely dry, flip it over and gently massage your scalp. This technique will open your curls and help free up any excess product, while keeping frizz from generating at the crown. And there you have it – beautifully textured curls and waves are at your fingertips!