Aaron Barry, T3Pro

“When my clients want a casual, lived-in look, I like to go brush-free and use my hands to create twist curls. On towel dried hair, I add a medium hold mousse to the roots and rough dry the hair using the Cura dryer without a concentrator until it’s about 60% dry. Then I add mousse to the mid-lengths and ends and comb it through the hair. Working in 1″ sections I create twists of hair, alternating the directions. Make sure the pieces that frame your face are twisted away from the face. Once all the hair is twisted, I use the Cura with its Styling Concentrator on a medium heat setting to dry each curl. You can re-twist each section as you dry and also pull the twists downward to really get an effortless wave. Once all twists are dry, I like to use the SinglePass LUXE to smooth out the ends. Finally, I use my hands to shake out the hair at the roots and finish with a texture spray.”

Torsten White, T3Pro

“I am an adamant fan of natural hair texture, so I really like to use the SoftCurl Diffuser on my clients to give me body and volume with a natural wave or curl. My secret to getting the perfect finish is to keep switching the heat setting on my Cura or Cura LUXE from the highest heat setting to the cool shot until the hair is dry.”

Leah London, T3Pro

“To create a silky, smooth blowout, be sure to take advantage of the dryer’s concentrator! Start by using the Drying Concentrator on the Cura LUXE and make sure the Volume Booster Switch is turned off. Then rough dry your hair from root to ends until it’s 80% dry. Switch to the Styling Concentrator – this will create a narrowed airflow that’s more targeted at each strand and will allow the follicles to lie flat. Use a round brush to get each strand to 100% dry. Repeat until your hair is completely dry, looking and feeling smooth and silky.”

Chris Farmer, T3Pro

“My two secrets to creating easy, hassle-free volume: one, letting your hair air dry first and two, the magical Volume Booster Switch on the Cura LUXE dryer. Once your hair is towel dried, flip your head upside and brush your hair downward while blow drying it – the idea is to direct the hair away from your scalp. Make sure that Volume Booster Switch is on to get the most body! One your hair is 90% dry, flip it back up. Smooth it out with a Paddle Brush until it’s 100% dry.”

Jessica Elbaum, T3Pro

“A trick to maintaining volume? Take sections of hair with a 2.5″ round brush and start drying them with your Cura or Cura LUXE. Roll the entire strand up the brush and heat it up with your dryer. Keep the brush in for an additional 10 seconds then hit the section with a cool shot. This will ensure you set the style and get maximum volume that will last!”