Aaron Light

“One of my tips for a fast blowout is to focus on finding the right product that will help speed up the dry time - invest in a powerful blow dryer like the T3 Cura LUXE! Combine heat with an accelerated air speed through a wide nozzle and eliminate frizz and cut your dry time in half. Select a product that helps your dryer do its job and stay away from heavy cream and oils, they will coat and weigh your hair down making it hard to lift and dry.”

Marcel Dagenais

“Whenever I’m prepping an actor for a blowout, I generally cleanse and condition, then put the hair up in the T3 LUXE Turban Towel to absorb the excess moisture. From there I do a rough dry with my hands with the T3 Cura LUXE to get at least 80 to 90 percent of the remaining moisture out before I start to refine and finish the hairstyle with my brush of choice. Once the rough dry is complete, I section the hair into four quadrants (top, sides and back) with sectioning clips, and blow dry section-by-section until the style is complete.”

Holly Mills

“The number one most important thing to do when blow drying your own hair, is to wait until your hair is at least 75% dry before putting a brush in it to begin blow dry styling. Clip up half of your hair and rough dry with the blow dryer and your hands to remove water, then let down the rest of your hair and rough dry that section. If your hair is compromised by bleaching or coloring, make sure to turn the heat down.”

Paul Norton

“Once hair is about 70-80% dry, section the top “mohawk” portion of hair and clip it away for a moment while you gather the sides and the back in a low ponytail to keep separate while you blow dry the top. Using the Volume 2.5 round brush, take a 2-inch sections at the front area and blow dry straight up and rounded back away from the face until dry, on your last swipe through that section, remove it from the brush and reroll your hair with your fingers, then secure it with a Bobby pin. Repeat this step in 2 or 3 more sections directly behind the first, just like a mohawk. Continue to dry the rest of the hair and then let the crown section down for extra volume!"